Jack's story

 Jack Hardy is the quintessential Aussie bloke.

He loves the outdoors. He loves the freedom of the open air and has a real spirit of adventure.

Be it camping, fishing, shooting, rock climbing, rafting or croc hunting, Jack has done it all.

In his younger years he'd spend months in remote outback Australia surviving off the land. It was Jack versus the elements and Jack always won.
The one thing Jack does admit is that he always carries a generator in the back of his ute. He's had many generators over his lifetime so he knows a thing or two about them. He's modified a few over the years to make them smaller, lighter and even more powerful but now he's built his own from scratch.
Starting with two new models with two different power levels Jack Hardy has used his experience to develop these two machines for the Australian market.

The 'Camper' is a sturdy 1KVA inverter generator that delivers dependable power at a very affordable price.
Jack says 'It's a little package with big punch.
The 'Grunter' is a 2KVA inverter generator that's solidly constructed and is packed with the power for any job you need. Jack says 'It's my little ripper".

Both of his generators have real Jack Hardy grunt.
The Jack Hardy range of generators has two key criteria for the consumer -
Maximum power, Affordable price. Shop around - Jack's sure that his prices represent genuine, fair dinkum value. 

Jack believes that Aussies don't spend enough time exploring their own backyard, but understands that maybe they're a bit 'soft' these days. He hopes that this range of generators will encourage all Aussies can get out and explore our great country without having to give up the modern conveniences. 

"Look around, see Australia… and chuck a Jack Hardy Generator in the back"