Warranty Policy

Jack Hardy sure puts the hardy in his products.

He loves sturdy, strong and robust enduring machines. So much so he wanted to share his passion with everyone. That’s why he built his products to last for the Australian market and certified for tough Australian conditions. He understands his customers so he has created a complete hassle-free customer care package. 

Jack offers a 3 Years warranty from date of original purchase. 

He believes that his products will stand the test of time but on the odd chance that one of his generators doesn't live up to his stringent standards during the warranty period, he will provide a FREE replacement generator. And what’s even better he’ll ship it direct to your nominated address!  *Conditions apply.

Gone are the days of reading complicated warranty coverage’s and waiting for a parts warranty!

How to claim warranty the Jack Hardy way:

  • Simply ring Jack up and explain the problem.
  • Have your generator returned to Jack’s nominated address along with a copy of the proof of purchase. It will be the customer’s responsibility for returning item for inspection.
  • After the problem generator is assessed and is deemed to be a legitimate warranty claim, a new one will be dispatched instantly to your nominated address free of charge.

Non-Warrantable items:

Jack’s generators are his pride and joy so please treat his products with tender loving care. Warranty will not cover any mistreatment, normal wear & tear, alterations to original machine, improper installation or neglect of the periodic maintenance as indicated on the instructional manual.